Trang chủ    The neighbor's sister separated from her husband and the ending for the young man

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I was packing my things when I saw a couple having sex in the apartment opposite!!! The buildings on both sides are quite close to each other, the windows are wide and unobstructed, standing on one side you can see the whole scene on the other side. Obviously neither of them thought anyone would see her. She was calmly changing clothes and flirting with her boyfriend right next to the window, so I had a chance to keep an eye on her more. It seems like she's mixed-race, white skin, beautiful face, slim body, I've seen it all! And then I met him, he didn't seem angry at me and waved at me. Her name is Lauren, she saw that I was a gentle person so she wanted to ask for help. The problem is that Lauren's boyfriend still regularly makes love to her, but he always initiates it, causing Lauren's dating skills to not improve. So he wanted to invite me to "practice" with him to improve my sexual skills. If she doesn't agree, she'll talk about me stalking my boyfriend. Having no other choice, I agreed. And then our relationship started from there, we always "worked" whenever Lauren's boyfriend was away. But there is a truth that I don't know, that is that her boyfriend also knows this...

The neighbor's sister separated from her husband and the ending for the young man

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 Hãng sản xuất: Lauren Karen 

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